There's a great German website that has routes that are much more direct 
than the typical tourist routes, but still have a focus on low traffic, 
minimizing hills, and a pleasant bike experience. 

For Americans (and Germans alike), the route presentation will take a lot 
of getting used to -- he basically cuts up and recombines topo maps for the 
routes, and so you end up with only a few pieces of paper for even very 
long routes. 

He doesn't have anything for the section from Prague to Nuremberg. But you 
could use EuroVelo Route 4 to the German border:

Then go south for a bit on this route until close to Regensburg: 

Connect to Nuremberg: (you can probably 
cut across to this route from further north, but beware that this is quite 
hilly territory)

Nuremberg to Karlsruhe: 

Connect to Paris: 

There are many options to take sections by train, as long as you stay away 
from the high-speed trains, which for the most part don't accept bikes.

 Harald in Madison (WI)

On Monday, April 16, 2018 at 12:57:59 PM UTC-5, Esteban wrote:
> Hi, folks.
> I'm beginning to chart a course for a ride (or part thereof) across Europe 
> from Prague to Paris. I actually need to get from one city to the other, so 
> looking for safe, enjoyable, but semi-direct routing. Trains can be handy. 
> I can do high mileage days.
> Anyone have any resources? Doug has been helpful to me. 
> Esteban
> San Diego, Calif.

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