I’ve been really enjoying my new-to-me Quickbeam. I love the simplicity of its 
single speed setup, but its geometry, handling, and ride quality (and my 
particular fit on a 62cm) have truly impressed me.

I’m looking to take my aged Mercian Superlight out of heavy rotation, and I’ve 
been pondering a Roadeo for a few years. I’m curious if anyone has experience 
with both a Quickbeam AND a Roadeo (or Legolas), and would like to share their 
thoughts. And yes, I get that one has gears and the other does not.

It’s also been fun to note the slight similarities between my Atlantis and the 
Quickbeam. It’s hard to pin it down, but they remind me a bit of each other in 
the way they ride. A certain calmness, a feeling of predictability and 
reassurance...then again, it could be my imagination.

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