A Quickbeam, Jack Brown's and some gravel from 207 land last week-end.  
Sometimes I think of going w/ 38s (Soma Shikoro's maybe?) I go on a ride 
then say "JB's all the way every day!" 





On Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 6:28:12 PM UTC-4, John G. wrote:
> Last week, I left work a bit early, threw the Quickbeam on the back of the 
> car, and drove an hour out to the Columbia Rail Trail in Western NJ. It's a 
> beautiful, 15-mile each way trail with some gentle inclines (about 900 feet 
> total). Built on an old Central Railroad of New Jersey track, it cuts 
> through Ken Lockwood Gorge, one of the prettiest places in NJ, and a few 
> sleepy (for NJ) old railroad towns. It's a lovely, mellow trail, perfectly 
> suited for Jack Browns and a single speed. This was my first time taking 
> the Quickbeam on gravel, and I loved it. No shifting, no thinking about 
> cadence, and no twists and turns meant no distractions from the lovely 
> scenery and trout fisherman along the river. The 'Beam's handling was spot 
> on--true and stable, but nimble enough to dodge the occasional horse pie. 
> And while I love a really fat tire, 33.3mms is plenty for the kind of 
> gravel roads we see around here. 
> Because of traffic patterns and work, most of my riding happens early in 
> the morning. I don't get many chances to ride in the late afternoon and 
> early evening, but this ride has me looking to change that. There's 
> something about the angle and quality of the afternoon light falling 
> through Spring leaves that slows my breathing and unknots my shoulders. 
> Funny to think that massive old trains carted iron ore on this line. 
> There's some lovely riding in Western NJ. If you're in the city and bored 
> of the normal routes, take a train or car out west and check it out! Happy 
> to share routes with anyone who's looking for them.

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