Thanks, Jim, for bringing this up.  My thoughts:

   - By far, my experiences of learning, providing info to others, and 
   buying/selling on this group have been great.  A very, very few not so 
   - I agree with most of the others that separating FS/WTB/WTT posts from 
   others isn't necessary
   - Maybe being an active member for 2-3 months before allowing to sell is 
   a good idea.  What is active?  Asking and offering info in posts that would 
   indicate you'd understand and follow these guidelines.  I don't know what 
   tooling you have available to help block or permit selling.  Maybe require 
   all FS/WTB/WTT posts to have the tag that has been defined for that purpose 
   (but interestingly used little), which could trigger something?
   - I tend to expect more of this group than what I expect from typical 
      - Items offered are always honestly presented by buyers, pointing out 
      warts as well as the good
      - If someone makes an offer, they should back it up and follow 
      through (i.e., no "My wife/husband/partner won't let me", or, I've 
      my mind because of X").  Get your finances in order, and your 
      settled, before making an offer.  I understand financial emergencies 
      happen, and of course that's understandable.  But lame excuses should not 
      be welcome here.
      - Respond.  Don't ignore emails related to an item you've made on 
      offer on, or are selling.  *Check your spam folder *as well as your 
      inbox (I learned this the hard way, and I was the offender).
   - If you, as a list member in good standing, are acting as a 'proxy' for 
   someone not on the list, then the list member should relay expectations and 
   guidelines of this group to the seller/buyer before the post to buy or sell 
   is made.

Again, thanks Jim for all you do!


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