Lovely! Just got back from a rainy 6am jaunt. We had a crazy weather event 
here in the Hudson Valley on Tuesday, and the damage is extreme: Many many 
trees, power lines, roofs, etc. are down. We had to take different roads, 
and on the path sections, I had to climb over or around at least a dozen 
trees within a two-mile stretch. Massive trees were literally uprooted from 
the earth. Governor Cuomo declared a state of emergency here. Most of 
Newburgh is still without power, schools still closed. I'm heading to our 
local farm later this afternoon to help rebuild the high tunnel. Pics:

Common Ground Farm high tunnel and shed:


Here is a photo (with similar pose & color scheme) of the type of bicycle 
that inspired the Ram, my Takara Model 8, a mid-70s sport tourer from 
Japan. It can take Compass Barlows with fenders; here it has Soma Supple 
Vitesse SLs, 700 x 42. This morning it was shod with BG Rock and Road 700 x 



On Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 12:24:02 AM UTC-4, Matt wrote:
> In 2003 the only bike I owned was a mid-70s 3-speed Raleigh Sport that I 
> rode to work every day and locked up on the street. Somehow I got my hands 
> on a Reader, Grant's philosophy resonated with me and next thing I knew I 
> had a blue Ram. I didn't know the first thing about tire sizes and riding 
> styles but I knew the Ram was comfortable and it could take fenders and I 
> was only ever going to ride on pavement on the east coast, so I put 28s on 
> it and never looked back. Many, many years later and now I'm on the west 
> coast and I know a lot more about bikes and I also know about fire roads. 
> So I finally hung the fenders up and maxed out the tires and wouldn't you 
> know it, but Los Angeles has miles and miles of dirt roads (doesn't hurt 
> that LA covers a massive area). Took a ride a few weeks back that looks 
> downright country but happened to be in the second largest city in the US.
> I still have that Raleigh, btw, and it's still perfect for leaving outside.

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