Maybe make a the FS/FT section a "sticky" at the top of the forum? That 
way, all of the posts around those topics are contained in one area?  

I also feel if you want to sell on this list and benefit from its 
membership, you should be willing to give you actual name and have a 
minimum number of posts/responses (non-sales related) to participate.  This 
list "runs" on goodwill that has been built over years of participation by 
like-minded members. Allowing anyone to post, especially where money is 
involved, so people can get "deals" seems to be a risk to the group that is 
not worth it in my opinion.

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 1:46:39 PM UTC-4, Cyclofiend Jim wrote:
> I've had a couple of people mention issues in transactions of late. Folks 
> flaking on payment. Deciding for unclear reasons not to respond, pay or 
> explain. 
> I do think we're better than that.
> But, to my mind there's a slightly larger issue - one I won't solve this 
> week, of course. To start off, I wanted to tee up the topic and see what 
> others think.
> "How much of the buy/sell/trade/wanted stuff do we want in this group?"
> I realize it's seasonal - less riding in the winter, spring cleaning, 
> bike/bit upgrading, that sort of thing. But over the last year or so, it's 
> outweighed the other topics. (Honestly, in the last couple months, that 
> seems to be correcting itself, which I think is a good thing. Signal to 
> Noise ratios are always best corrected by increasing Signal.)
> And I'd rather enjoy ride reports, technical help, musings on models, 
> experience and gear evaluations than wade through a bunch of buyers and 
> sellers.  But, I do understand it's helpful.
> One thing I see as Admin which most don't: Folks whose first post is a 
> FS/WTB and who never return again. 
> I'm not sure how to fix this other than be more strict on what gets 
> through and not pass along any moderated FS/WTB posts. That is, since folks 
> basically get unmoderated by creating posts of Quality, or by reaching out 
> to me, those people who are moderated and only posting Buy/Sell items are - 
> by one test - taking advantage of those who donate time and expertise to 
> this group. 
> Maybe that's a good first step. 
> Thoughts? 
> (Working on a couple projects this week, so may not be able to quickly 
> react/respond).
> - Jim / Admin

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