Patrick—Yes, I was the one that just sold the Bon Jons. The old Ram specs 
chart I found said max 37mm so didn't want to chance it, but as soon as I 
got them mounted it was clear the 38s would fit. (And of course right after 
that I found a thread someone posted with the same experience... so it 
goes...) I still have the stock Araya rims and that's what they're on. 
They've got enough clearance that I've had no issues over 100+ miles with 
them over pretty much every terrain—hard pack, loose gravely sand, some 
single track (slowly) and narrow rocky and rooty trails. I know it's 
cliche, but they've really remade this bike into something I didn't realize 
it already was. 

Everybody says Compass tires are great but they'll flat all day. And, of 
course, I did 60+ miles through all the rough stuff only to get a flat 
descending on a paved canyon highway. That said, though, it was dusk and I 
was only using a headlamp so I didn't see the debris I hit, which was big 
enough to feel, so with proper lights it likely wouldn't have happened and 
two, the nail I took out was the same kind of nail I've pulled from my 
Marathons on my commuter. So I'm chalking this one up as a fluke.

Mark—Oh, wow! My mom's family is from Newburgh/Pine Bush. I spent a lot of 
time up there when I lived in the city; a lot of Metro North to Beacon.

Keith—I was the same way! A guy on that ride even asked me if I ever rode 
my Ram because it was so pristine but that's only because all the miles on 
it were paved (and I used to be a fastidious bike washer but now I'm over 

On Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 12:56:26 PM UTC-7, Lum Gim Fong wrote:
> Yay!! New Rambouilet pics online!!!
> My favorite Rivmodel!! Thanks for the pics!! 

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