I think it is still a healthy mix and enjoy the FS and regular posts. The 
FS posts have increased but there's still a lot of great other non-FS type 
content on here. Could always use more ride reports. But the general 
musings are fun to read. We should ban 'bump' posts though (I'm guilty of a 
few myself). And maybe ban first time posters posting a FS post? It's hard 
to regulate beyond that though honestly without adding a huge amount of 
administrative overhead for Jim, or creating a separate group like others 
have mentioned where all FS posts are banned (and the latter will just 
drive all that traffic to ibob). Honestly, I'm surprised no one has created 
any sort of iBob like craigslist or ebay with a ratings system, and only 
charge a % to cover the overhead of basic labor/server costs. 

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