I can't say enough glowing things about my Brompton if folding is your 
priority (and there are myriad resources out there for touring with them if 
that's what you're looking to do; start with pathlesspedaled.com). It's the 
bike I ride the most because it's my commuter and my city bike. I thought 
when I bought it it'd be a niche thing but it's so comfortable and 
versatile, I take it everywhere and can do nearly everything on it. Rides 
fire roads just fine too, as long as they aren't too loose. Fits in the 
overhead bin of a 777. I'm 6' tall and have the H bars, which are the most 
upright option. I'd give one to every college kid instead of a laptop.

On Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 3:54:14 PM UTC-7, Joe Bernard wrote:
> I agree with the others to make sure you ride a New World Tourist first. 
> Even by small-wheeler standards - I've owned a bunch of folders - I found 
> the handling kinda twitchy and weird, and it's just about useless as a 
> traditional folding bike. Admittedly it's advertised as a suitcase bike, 
> but I expected at least *some* semblance of folding practicality..in 
> practice it just wasn't worth the bother.  

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