Justin, here's the link: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27535193 
Fruitvale BART to Coyote Springs. Both Union City and Fremont BART not far 
from Coyote Springs. Coyote Springs is fun in and of itself. Crandall Creek 
trail is the termination at Coyote Springs but if you go the other way, 
Alameda Creek trail, it goes all the way to Mission Blvd. Also, the bike 
path over the Dumbarton Bridge interfaces at Coyote Springs. Cut across to 
the South Bay via the Dumbarton Bridge..... the choices are endless.
Yes Bill, much is SF Bay Trail.

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 1:01:11 PM UTC-7, Bill Lindsay wrote:
> Back at the very beginning of my Rivendell career, in 2009, I was pretty 
> much strictly a roadie.  My Hillborne and the idea of "country bike" opened 
> up my world in many ways.  One of those ways was the idea of enjoying 
> taking the long way from A-to-B.  Over that first year or so I hatched an 
> idea for my 40-mile commute from El Cerrito to Union City.  Rather than 
> treat it as a hilly road ride with a couple dirt trail detours, I 
> contemplated doing it as a 25 mile mountain bike ride with a few road 
> connectors.  I had most of the route in my head, but there were still 
> several trails that I needed to add but had never ridden.  Now that I have 
> a cool GPS unit, I was able to build my route on RideWithGPS and upload it 
> to my device so I wouldn't get lost and wouldn't have to resort to the map 
> 50 times.  
> Anyhow, here's my route, discreetly edited to begin at a starting point 
> close-by but not-too-close to my front door.  RideWithGPS Extreme 
> Commuting <https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27311348>
> I did the ride for the first time this morning, which felt like a cool 
> accomplishment, since I'd been thinking about it for several years.  It was 
> ~42 miles and about 4700 feet of climbing, and it was pretty freaking 
> hard.  There were several pitches that my GPS assessed as >20% grade.  
> There were rocky, bumpy, rooty sections that made my BMC Monstercross feel 
> like serious underbiking.  The undeniable highlight is that these mountain 
> bike trails are by definition car-free, and that was delightful.  I might 
> decide to do the SFRandonneurs Marin Mountains 200k as a solo Permanent in 
> May, and this Extreme Commute route is a great training ride for that.  
> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Jz22LXTcZRA/WuDdwqa6e-I/AAAAAAAAD3I/hsosxTr348girSLFWsr8SJlXK398kDFuQCLcBGAs/s1600/IMG_0397.jpg>
> This was one of the 20% grades, which is hard to see in the photo.  My 
> four finger salute was to celebrate passing 4,000 ft of climbing at this 
> point.
> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-3_z9GQ8-mHQ/WuDd4PWZ5PI/AAAAAAAAD3M/j6q2GXFzkNY9uvKReXBoLZRQuTjEJdniQCLcBGAs/s1600/IMG_0395.jpg>
> So, make a plan, set a goal, see it through and celebrate
> Bill Lindsay
> El Cerrito CA
> P.S. One of the reasons I was able to pedal up 20% grades was I just 
> installed my turkey vulture shifter kit from Analog Cycles, which allowed 
> me to run a Deore XT clutch rear derailer with Shimano 10sp indexed barcons 
> (on Thumbies).  I was glad to have a 26x36 low gear.  

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