I have ridden my NWT with drop bars many thousands of miles, including long 
tours around Michigan and through various mountain ranges in the east, both 
loaded with panniers (and several times with a large SaddleSack--my favorite) 
and towing the trailer.

I agree with D. Patrick that it's twitchy. It rides nothing like my creamy 
smooth Rambouillet EXCEPT it's the right size because I had them build it that 
way. It's my second most-comfortable bike. I think it's fun to ride.  It's so 
comfortable, I prefer touring on it, even though I have a nice 1984 Trek 620.

It's true that the long stem and seat mast are odd and bendy. But for me, 
that's part of the lively fun. The summer that my Ram's chain stay broke, I 
rode the BF as my exclusive road bike for months while my Ram was getting 
repaired. I was overjoyed to have my Ram back the next summer, but I had plenty 
of fun on the BF.

PITA to pack in the suitcase? Sure. I don't do it that often, but it's nice to 
have it when I arrive. Is the suitcase/trailer a PITA to tow? Yes, especially 
off-pavement, but I have done it for several multi-day tours. I carried it in 
its bag on Amtrak to and from my eastern tour. Very convenient.

So it's not even close to a Rivendell, ride-wise. But I find it to be a fun 
backup bike. I look forward to taking it with me on retirement trips. 

Bruce Taggart
Okemos and Glen Arbor MI

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