Today started out with an early morning call from my sister, who said her 
husband's old Specialized hybrid bike had been stolen from their yard. The 
prior evening, her husband (who I'll call D), in his haste to greet his wife 
and Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, ditched his trusty old green steed in the yard and 
forgot about it. The next morning my sister left for work and noticed her 
husband's helmet and u-lock had been cast into the neighbor's yard. With a 
sinking feeling, she looked around for the bike, which was by now, long gone. 
You know where this story is going...

D was in need of a new bike. They just relocated to Minneapolis, which has 
fabulous bike trails, and it is a shame to miss a day of riding to work. It was 
not designated Best Biking City for nothing! He started looking at Raleigh and 
Handsome and Surly, but when I got word I did my best sales pitch(read: 
nagging) for Rivendell. Initially, he didn't want to pour that much money into 
a bike that may be stolen (he works downtown). He was pretty set on that 
sloping top-tube Raleigh, and I sighed in defeat and waited for the photos. 
Suddenly my sister called and said D was having a change of heart!  He wanted a 
step-through bike, because it's awfully nice not to swing your leg over a top 
tube and kick the giant leather bag on your rear rack. Also, it's nice when you 
don't rip your expensive pants trying to dismount. Yes, a step-through bike is 
just the ticket - and nobody makes them in his size. Oh wait - Rivendell does! 

He did some research and discovered there's a special locked area for employees 
to stow their bikes. It requires a key card and then he can use his own locks, 
too. As long as he remembers to put his bike away before he fawns all over his 
wife and dog, he has a good chance of keeping it away from thieves. He is good 
for the money and now out of excuses. He deserves a shiny new Rivendell 
awaiting him in his garage. Minneapolis deserves a glorious new Rivendell 
traversing its paths. I deserve to have matching Rivendells with my favorite 
brother-in-law. I think we can all agree on what must be done here.

D is an attorney at a big firm and has no spare time to call Rivendell and 
order his bike, but guess who has all the time in the world for shopping with 
other people's money? Yes, me, devoted sister that I am. My sister and I are 
going to group call Rivendell (I wonder if that's ever been done) and snatch 
that 59 cm green Clem L the website says they have in stock, so please, nobody 
buy it before we get to it tomorrow! D gave us free reign on how to set it up, 
asking only for a rear rack and basket that holds a large load. He's kind of 
snazzy, so I'm going to use my Hail Mary credits and deck out his Clem in some 
fancy extras as a surprise. 

Won't he be delighted by the art on the box? The skill with which they pack the 
bike? He's had only Target bikes and the stolen Specialized, which was slowly 
giving out under his large frame and ridiculous loads of stuff. Can you imagine 
how luxurious that Rivendell ride will feel to him? He will be ruined for any 
other bike. 

I'll send photos of the happy new customer when we get him up and running. Now 
I'd better head for bed, though who can sleep with this kind of excitement! 

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