Thanks for the info you all gave me on the banana sax inquiry thread I had.
I got the grey grid. Really glad it looks so nice and fits. I had alot of 
questions, so I figured I'd post what I found out when I got mine for 
anyone else who wants to know more about the bag.

Fits perfectly on my sprung saddle, even with my really low seat height. 
That's about 7 inches between the bottom of the springs and the top of the 
tire, iirc.
Springs do not intrude/press into bag. I like the bag shape and I think the 
curve near the seatpost, and the lid design look really nice.

Love the toggle closures and the tighteners that come on the elastic cords 
so I can tighten or loosen the cords as much as I want.
I have not felt any wobble and it hasn't rubbed the backs of my legs as I 
I like how the opening faces up so that everything in the bag will shimmy 
down into the bag and away from the opening while riding.

Holds a lot. The rolled up 650 x 42 tube disappeared deeply into, and fit 
perfectly into, the bottom of the back of the bag by the seatpost. I had my 
pump, multi tool, patches, phone, keys, 650b tube, spare glasses with 
Take-a Look mirror attached, pitlock nut, and two more allen wrenches in 
there, and I think I could have also put another tube and had space to cram 
a light jacket in there. Or, like a small lunch in there, like sandwich 
sized. Couple drumstics and 3oz. BokChoy in a tightly wrapped plastic bag 
or something. Or like an Atkins Shake sized container. I will try it 
sometime, as I need to carry a small meal on commutes.

Anyway it holds enough for my Spring/Summer riding, and when I need to 
carry extra clothes in Fall/Winter, I can use my matching grey grid 
Sackville barbag for those extra items.
I like this bag because it will hold its shape with my sprung saddle, 
unlike Carradice types where the springs push into the bag and take up 
storage real estate.
I think it is a cleaner, neater look than my Carradice used to be, too.
Pics for fun. Enjpy.

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