It's probably worth buying an extra basket net with the four hooks in the 
future so you have a few more hooks (and backup net as well should that be 
needed).  It seems like that would be a good route to go if Riv doesn't 
sell them separately or if someone here doesn't have any spares.  

Hamilton, TX (soon to be Alexandria, LA)

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 4:05:20 PM UTC-5, Edwin W wrote:
> I like Rivendell's basket nets.
> I remember when they brought them out they specifically commented on the 
> quality of the hooks. And they are high quality.
> I was glad to hear on their Blahg yesterday that a shipment of blue nets 
> is coming. I will get one. 
> I think they come with four hooks and you can zip tie the net to your 
> basket and have a few extra, but for some reason I am down to two and need 
> a few more.
> What I am asking is: has anyone found a source for hooks like that for 
> when you need more? "Plastic hooks" is an impossible search term.
> Thanks,
> Edwin

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