Is there any reason to believe longer (i.e., Riv-long) chainstays would be 
a good feature on an MTB? Didn't the Bombadil have relatively short ones? 
Many rigid MTB builders such as Waltworks insist on shorter stays. Now, MTB 
can include many variations of riding off-road, so I suppose there could be 
vastly different designs for each style of riding. Does LONNGGGG have a 
place in there somewhere? I personally can't see how long chainstays would 
be a good fit on a trail bike.


On Friday, April 27, 2018 at 12:24:19 PM UTC-7, Jeremy Till wrote:
> This might be a stretch, but hey, what's the fun in following a guru if 
> you can't spend hours parsing his words and interpreting them?  I think 
> there might be a hint towards an upcoming trail-oriented Riv (or update to 
> an existing Riv) hidden in this passage from Grant's post yesterday 
> <>
> : 
> In mountain bike racing and just riding, it's gone the other way. The 
>> early guys were riding unsuitably low-tech bikes, then bikes reached a 
>> basic good level of appropriate technology in the late '80s, and now 
>> they've borrowed as much as possible—for now—from cars and motorcycles. 
>> There are reactions to it the other way, with one-speed mountain bikes, but 
>> those are fading fast gear is too limiting for varied 
>> terrain. *There's no restraint at that end, and we're going to show 'em 
>> all what-for sometime late this year, if we can pull it off.*
> I wonder what it could be...the before-hinted plus-tire Hunqapillar?  
> Bringing back the Bombadil (probably can't be done under the LOTR gag 
> order)?  Some other new trail-oriented rig?
> Honestly, I'm pretty satisfied with my Jones-barred Clem as my MTB 
> (well...a threadless fork would be nice), so I'm not anxiously awaiting 
> anything, but it would be interesting to see what they come up with.  
> Let the speculation begin!     

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