Read Jeff Jones' posts about the Jones Plus LWB (long wheelbase) bike. They 
are quite a bit longer than his standard model, and still highly capable 
offroad. He goes into a lot of detail as to the differences and why you 
might prefer one over the other.


On Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 1:02:29 PM UTC-7, Kieran J wrote:
> Is there any reason to believe longer (i.e., Riv-long) chainstays would be 
> a good feature on an MTB? Didn't the Bombadil have relatively short ones? 
> Many rigid MTB builders such as Waltworks insist on shorter stays. Now, MTB 
> can include many variations of riding off-road, so I suppose there could be 
> vastly different designs for each style of riding. Does LONNGGGG have a 
> place in there somewhere? I personally can't see how long chainstays would 
> be a good fit on a trail bike.
> KJ

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