Charlie -- I have a Rohloff on my Riv Bombadil.  You're welcome to ride it 
-- happy to take it up to your place for you.  I love it -- it's everything 
that's advertised.  The setup took some finagling, but it's rock solid once 
successfully installed.  Needs a chain tensioner, obviously, with the 
vertical dropout on the Bombadil.  I used a Paul Melvin tensioner, and it 
works great.  Here's a pic:
I won't be back in Wilmington for a month or so, but happy to hook up then. 

On Monday, August 6, 2018 at 4:04:01 PM UTC-4, Charlie wrote:
> Do you have a ROHLOFF hub on your bike ? Is it a frame made specifically 
> for this hub ?
> Are you happy with the hub setup ?
> Thank you
> Charlie P 
>          Jennersville PA

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