Good luck with the sale. I've read these are really nice riding and 
comfortable. I have a Roadster ordered for me. The way this bike fits would 
make this guy and the rest of the Guvnor forum grumble grumble

Here's a sizing article for others that may help out!

On Friday, August 10, 2018 at 11:39:12 PM UTC-4, Eric Norris wrote:
> Not a Rivendell, but certainly Riv-ish, and perhaps of interest to someone 
> on this list. This is my Pashley, listed on eBay today. I’ll sell to anyone 
> on this list for 10% off the eBay price. 
> Look at this on eBay
> Pashley Guvnor English Path Racer with Extras Excellent Condition 
> <>
> Eric N
> Twitter: @CampyOnlyGuy

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