Well, I guess I'm late to the party, but I have a 52 Clementine so I'll throw 
this out there anywayz, for future reference.
I've used a couple "knobby" tires on my Clementine. At first I tried some 
Kendas (2.3ish Slant six I think?), but while great offroad, they made the 
Clementine feel sluggish around town (a little heavy).  
Currently I run a 2.1 Kenda Knobby up front & a Schwalbe similar to the stock 
Kenda on the back. I really like this combination. Kenda's are good & cheap.
A little more expensive,  but a really good choice is the Continental Race 
Kings (or Mountain Kings). I have these on my Ogre and they are great! Wide, 
not too heavy and they roll really good on pavement. When the current tires go, 
that's probably the direction I'll go. 

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