Yes they are considerably different Leah in that they are as you found out, 
considerably longer in the front overall.  I noticed it in the first email 
photo of Grants new blue 59cm Clem-L(he formerly rode a 52) and called Will 
@ Riv to get the specs and that confirmed it. While I knew that would be 
great for someone tall like myself, and prefers a more leaning forward 
position, other people who have Clems may not like it without some 

I can't tell what length/height stem you have, but obviously one that 
offers a shorter *overall *reach will help. The shortness can be done with 
various angle and lengths, meaning a 80mm stem that rises say 25 
degrees(above flat level) like a Dirt Drop will have a shorter overall 
reach(flat level) than one that lowers by 17 degrees, like a Tallux, at the 
same bar height.  


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