On 11/8/19 10:26 PM, John McBurney wrote:
Well don’t forget I augered into a sand pit and literally filled the right brifter with sand. I think I did a really good job cleaning it out but you can only so so much.

A few years ago, while JRA my bottom bracket spindle broke and I ended up crashing in someone's yard.  I was lucky: I rolled, the bike tumbled around a bit but wasn't damaged, and the worst thing that happened to me was I tore my winter tights.  (And came to a halt after all this face down, arms out, looking at a fresh steaming pile of dog do right in front of my face.)

After the LBS replaced my bottom bracket and checked out the bike, I went on a ride to the National Arboretum.  We climbed Hickey Hill and at the Asian Collections parking I briefly applied by my brakes... and my rear brake wouldn't release.  The lever was jammed.  ???   My friends and I played with the cable and bit and eventually got the bike rideable.

After I got home I brought the bike to the LBS.   They found a small round pebble inside the right brake lever that had gotten inside as the bike was tumbling during the crash.  During the ride it had shifted so that it jammed the lever.  No one in the shop had ever seen anything like it.

The DA bar cons are nice in friction. Gotta be careful standing though.  I was hoping to use my Riv down tube shifters ( like sun tour superbe pro but pull more cable) but the frame wasn’t set up for them.

I hope my “addiction to friction” will be able to continue and make all this moot.

There are folks on the iBOB list who friction-shift Hyperglide 10 and are happy.  I'm not one of them: my happiness with friction shifting Hyperglide ends at 7.

Steve Palincsar
Alexandria, Virginia

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