Hello friends! Some things have sold, so it’s time to update my “for sale”
listing. I’ve reduced the price on most of the remaining items. Just to
note: This is the final listing. I’m not going to lower prices anymore. If
things don’t sell, I’ll use ’em again, sell them elsewhere, donate, or wait
until spring. If you want something, the time to act is now!


   - All of these items for sale are functional (unless otherwise noted)
   and in decent shape, but they all show signs of wear.
   - All prices in US Dollars.
   - Prices do not include shipping. All items will be shipped via USPS.
   The minimum you’d be paying is $4 in shipping.
   - Payment can be done via PayPal.
   - I also do local pickup in Portland (North Tabor neighborhood). You can
   pay via cash for local pickup.

Interested? Drop me a line with what you want, and include your zip code so
I can figure out shipping.

Here's what's left:

   - Makeshifter “Snackhole” bag. Waxed canvas with wool, comes with velcro
   straps for mounting to handlebar and stem. Also has small outside pocket.
   - Crane “spacer mount” brass hammer strike bell (the one on the bottom
   of the pic). $7
   - Dia Compe “E NE” cage (the one on the left) Has “tabs” which means you
   can mount them with clamps  $7
   - German cycling mirror. Clamps to handlebars. Has scratches on the
   mirror. $5
   - Fibrax “Raincheater” brake pads for caliper brakes. Designed for steel
   rims, has a bit of leather in the pad so it works nominally better than
   rubber in wet. One set. $5

Photos here:

Thank you,

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