Bill, I think this is a smart way to explain the differences between the 
bikes: "On the Roadeo and on the Black Mountain Road, I feel a little bit 
weird if I'm not wearing racing kit.  On the Leo, I felt a little bit weird 
if I was wearing racing kit." For me, another way of thinking about bicycle 
differences would be to ask, "would I run flats or clipless on this bike?" 
That might also determine if I'd wear a racing kit or not on that bike.

Last winter, I did a big 80 mile dirt road loop in southeastern Arizona 
with a group that included Ultraromance (I don't want to start an 
Ultraromance debate here--he was always been friendly and open with me). He 
was riding a pretty 61cm blue Roadini with a mix of old and new components 
with cream colored 38mm tires stuffed in. I was on my Ritchey Ascent with 
650b x 48mm tires. I rode the most technical part of a big long descent 
right by him and I was impressed with how fast and confidently he road it 
on dirt. I know this is mostly due to the rider, but I suspect the long 
chainstays helped too. Based on chainstay length (also not trying to start 
a fight about that here) I would guess the Roadini would have a slight 
advantage among these three if you were going to do more or your riding on 
dirt roads than pavement. 

Bike insights has geometries for the Roadeo, Roadini, and BMC road on their 
site and using the "Bike on Bike" comparison, the 63cm Roadeo and 61cm 
Roadini are very similar. The only sizable differences look to be stack 
height and chainstay length:[]=5bb29e327581960016665a33&geometries[]=5b8578f548f3a30004789b19&builds[]=&builds[]=

When you compare the  63cm Roadeo and 62cm BMC road, they are really 
similar, but the BMC road has a bit less trail, and a bit longer reach, and 
less stack. Bike insights categorizes the BMC as "Somewhat aggressive" and 
the Roadeo and Roadini as "Somewhat upright." Bill's first-hand 
observations, which I'd trust more than the numbers based Bike Insights, 
are interesting because just looking at the numbers, the Roadini and Roadeo 
would seem more similar to each other than the BMC.[]=5a1e64fe62315c00144448d7&geometries[]=5b8578f548f3a30004789b19&builds[]=&builds[]=

As some of you might have seen, I posted at WTB for a 63cm Roadeo a few 
weeks back. I had a couple of responses, and I let one in the Bay area slip 
away whilst I dithered. Part of my hesitation was that a 62cm BMC road is 
such as bargain and is pretty similar, minus the fancy lugs, and MUSA 
heritage. I like lugs fine, but I nice fillets and even clean TIG work, so 
I've also thought about having another US builder make me a medium reach 
brake road frame along the lines of the Roadeo, but minus the lugs. 
Nobilette was one of the builders I was looking at after listening to a 
podcast interview with him over the holidays where he said that things were 
slow and he was looking for more work. It looks like the good folks at 
Rivendell heard this as well and stepped in. So now, if I'm ordering fancy 
new semi-custom, it might make more sense just to get a Roadeo as I'd be 
able to support both Rivendell and Nobilette with the purchase. It really 
just all comes down to budget, at 4.5x the cost of the BMC Road, the Roadeo 
is definitely more of a stretch to afford.  



On Sunday, January 12, 2020 at 6:45:04 AM UTC-7, Bill Lindsay wrote:
> I'd call the Black Mountain a low cost Roadeo.  Fits similar.  Rides 
> similar.  It's nowhere near as beautiful, and well crafted aesthetically, 
> but I consider it functionally equivalent.  Having one of each in my 
> collection (which I do) only "makes sense" if I'm going to keep them at 
> different locations (which I do).  My Black Mountain Road lives at my mom's 
> house.  I can grab it off the hook and rip off a 20 - 120 mile ride and 
> it's like an old friend.  The Black Mountain Road is different from the Leo 
> in exactly the ways the Roadeo is different from the Leo.  
> Another way to represent the difference in attitude that I've used before 
> and that a couple listers found useful is this:  On the Roadeo and on the 
> Black Mountain Road, I feel a little bit weird if I'm not wearing racing 
> kit.  On the Leo, I felt a little bit weird if I was wearing racing kit.  
> Bill Lindsay
> El Cerrito, CA
> On Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 9:00:18 PM UTC-8, ted wrote:
>> Thanks Bill. Could you also expound on how the black mountain road (not 
>> plus) relates to the Roadini and Roadeo?

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