On Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 7:12:25 AM UTC-8, Joe Bernard wrote:
> I'm curious about the brakes, I've never seen a 56 without canti posts.

Maybe that's why it got repainted?

The pic of the rear brakes showed that it likely didn't come stock with 
caliper brakes either, because the seat stay bridge doesn't have that 
cast-in brake hole, and required the concave washers. Grant Petersen would 
had designed/located that bridge high enough to maximize clearance, so that 
the brake pads would be almost maxed out on the brake arms. As for the 
front, the fork crown on all Rivendells I've seen have central holes cast 
in, so apart from the missing mid-blade braze-on for Nitto's Campee 32F 
rack, the front end looks pretty stock.

It's a nice towner for sure!

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