I think they should widen the tire clearance on a Homer, but keep the 
lighter tube spec. This would be an all-day rider (not a tourer) but with 
2.2" clearance for extreme fire roads and easier single track, a la Crust 
Bombora or Black Mtn Cycles monster cross. Perfect bike for a mixed terrain 

On Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 10:40:23 AM UTC-8, Jason Fuller wrote:
> Pardon the idle-mind pondering, I am home sick today and becoming bored, 
> which has me daydreaming about a collaboration I've been trying to ignite 
> between Ocean Air Cycles and Rivendell to bring back the Rambler as a MIT, 
> tig-welded all-rounder that could hit that $900 - $1050 range price point 
> based on other TIG Riv's.  
> To me, there is a big hole in the lineup where a TIG frameset in the Homer 
> / Hillborne range of sportiness belongs; something much like the OAC 
> Rambler was (which had long stays for a non-Riv, too). I also believe this 
> would be a strong seller, competing more directly with Crust, Surly, etc. 
> 650B / 700c depending on size, clearance for 48's, mid-weight tubing, works 
> with drops or swept bars. 
> I imagine this kind of bike, but with modern Riv twists, is coming up soon 
> - hopefully!

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