i agree with this a lot. i sell bike stuff on instagram @adom_sale and it's 
super annoying when I list a hot ticket item, one person responds with 
"extreme interest" and says they can pay soon, only to go MIA for three 
days while four other buyers are lined up, ready to send funds. it's gotten 
to the point where i won't hold an item for someone who does this; i just 
sell it to the next person in line. too bad for the person who was first in 

On Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 2:23:19 PM UTC-8, Joe Bernard wrote:
> ...because I see this constantly on this forum where one person has an 
> item to sell and somebody mentions later that they PMed and got no 
> response. 
> Also, if you tell somebody you're going to buy something and change your 
> mind, tell them you've changed your mind instead of just wandering off. 
> I'm not a moderator but I've been around since the beginning of RBW Bunch 
> and bought and sold a ton of stuff, and I see the same messes between buyer 
> and seller over and over again. Once that FS ball is rolling it's the 
> responsibility of both sides to keep communication open, clear and prompt 
> until the deal is done. Ya hear??
> Joe Bernard

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