this is a great frame. i have the 53 (really more like a 58/large) and it 
rides wonderful. very sprightly and quick. 

On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 10:02:40 AM UTC-7, ant ritchey wrote:
> Posted this FS awhile back with a few other frames. Price is staying the 
> same but I'm throwing in some Nitto & Compass to maybe sweeten the deal. 
> Due to COVID-19-related concerns I'm out of work for at least a few months 
> and will soon need to pay the remainder on the Bantam Bicycle Works custom 
> (insert emoji gritting teeth // making nervous face here).
> I bought this direct from Mike Varley in August of 2018. It's the biggest 
> one they make - 59cm, Aurora Red. It also happens to be the same size the 
> designer, himself, rides so it was very cool to be able to discuss the 
> build and concept over the phone with someone who knows this bicycle better 
> than any other, and to be able to get the set up right for the rider on the 
> top end of the height & fit. Steerer tube is uncut.
> It's in excellent condition, definitely not even 1K miles on it. (Plenty 
> of mud & dirt on the bike in the photos but cosmetic condition of this bike 
> is near-pristine!) There will be way too much overlap with the Road Plus 
> bike and the coming custom; so whereas I love this bike and it's super fun 
> - I gotta move it along. All the info you need here on the BMC page: 
> <>
> Current build includes: TRP drillium levers, Dura Ace bar end shifters, XT 
> M737 derailleurs, Sugino Mighty compact double. Want a complete bike? Let's 
> talk. Just want the f/f/hs & wheel set, no problem. Price can be 
> arranged/negotiated for whatever it is that you're after. I'm flexible on 
> how this one should get parted out/sold but I'd like to follow the build 
> kit // "rolling chassis" format and include some extras; all of which was 
> purchased new for the build.
> *BMC Road Plus rolling chassis & extras* - *$1,100 + shipping*
> -Frame, fork, VP headset
> -HED Tomcat 650b x 32h wheel set
> -Compass Switchback Hill tires; gum wall // standard casing & in great 
> shape
> -Nitto Noodle handle bars, 48cm
> -Robert Axle Project (front) & DT Swiss (rear) thru axles
> -Hayes CX Expert calipers & mount adapters
> -160mm 6 bolt brake rotors
> -Promax 400mm seat post & clamp
> -2 different 26.0 clamp stems and spacers
> -tandem road brake cable for the rear caliper
> Ok, so what's missing here? Shifters, brake levers, cables/housing, bottom 
> bracket, cranks, chain, cassette, saddle, pedals. I've got an 
> almost-complete, near-NOS 105 group I can throw in for $100. 
> Want fenders? I also have a a brand new set of silver SKS fenders for 650b 
> X 48mm for another $50.
> More pics? Just holler! This post is getting long and kinda convoluted and 
> I'm sorry for that. Just wanna let ya know there's plenty of options. PM 
> me, text or call - 724 757 9258. Thanks for lookin'!
> Ant Ritchey in Portland, Oregon

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