In view of the "Wavy Fender" discussion we had last week, I think this post (cross-posted to the 650B and iBOB lists) might be of some interest here.

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Subject: [650B] Blogging in the age of COVID - four part blog series on metal fender installation
Date:   Wed, 25 Mar 2020 12:11:38 -0700 (PDT)
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When I started Velo Lumino almost five years ago, I had a companion blog, "Eléctricalités A.T. <>" but I let it fall dormant after a few months. With all the extra time at home lately, and also in parallel to a completely new Velo Lumino website <>, I've decided to resurrect the blog. I just finished a four-part blog series on installing metal fenders, something I've been doing a lot more of lately as I am taking on more custom lighting consignment jobs than ever before, many of which include fender installation. I'm no constructeur and most builders could probably run circles around my fender installing ability, but I thought I'd put this together as I think it can help out most folks. I should also note that much of what I describe in the blog I learned from Peter Weigle's excellent article in an old BQ article from about 10 years ago. But I think my series of posts expands on that article in terms of detail. Regardless, much credit goes to others who have done this before and already perfected the art.

Here are the links, or you can just follow them from within the blog's main page, which is also linked from

I ordered the steps according to what works for me; others may find a different process works better for them:

Part I: getting a proper arc radius <>

Part II: stress-relieving before mounting <>

Part III: dimpling <>

Part IV: installing the stays <>



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