My experience has been that it's weight distribution problem.  I had a Hobo 
Baggins bag as a saddle bag, with the usual load'o'crap; tools, tubes, 
lock, etc.  I would occasionally get shimmy going downhill.  Moving the 
Hobo to the handlebars solved the problem.

I also experimented with weight in 4 panniers after encountering some 
shimmy while touring.  Using books as ballast, and my shimmy inducing 
downhill as a control, I discovered that things were rock solid with 60% of 
the weight on the front.  Since then, If I'm only doing a 2 bag trip 
(lodging or an overnight) I put the bags on the front.


On Monday, March 23, 2020 at 7:01:24 PM UTC-7, Friend wrote:
> Does anyone have suggestions for correcting a wobble I get when I ride 
> with no hands?

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