Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know the obviously stupid thing 
that I did even though I knew it was stupid has ruined my bike. Maybe this 
will help others as a warning or something... ?
I've been running some cheap plastic fenders SOMA somethingorothers that 
did not have those plastic easy break stay connecters that most common 
sense fenders have. I knew this was a hazard but had ridden many 1000s of 
kilometres on them and had just sort of forgotten about it. 
It gets worse; I attached my Nitto Big Front rack (34f)? to do an 
overnighter on a nice trail while i was on holiday squeezing the adventure 
inbetween some bad weather and storms. On the second day, 80kms from the 
next town as I crested the hill...through a lot of debris and broken 
branches... doing ~15kmh (not exceeding 20kmh) my bike suddenly came to a 
stop. Just a firm enough stop to lift the back end up a little bit and make 
me have to put my feet down suddenly.
The fender stays had lodged themselves into the fork along with the thick 
piece of bark that had caused the accident.
"No worries! these cheap fenders finally failed!" I thought, "my stupid 
fault. Oh well, lucky I was going slow!' 
As I disentangled the mess, removing the front wheel, "Oh no, the fork is 
bent" I realised. "It's okay, the wheel isn't hitting the downtube I can 
still ride out of here... why has the head badged popped out funny though?"
Oh, the headtube is shaped like a banana...
I could have been doing 40km/h down hill and i could have died as well as 
killing my bike. This is what I am trying to commisserate myself with. It 
barely helps.
I live in Western Australia. There are no local frame builders I know of or 
would trust to try and repair this frame. Shipping the bike back to 
Rivendell is going to be an expensive excercise and in these COVID times 
I'm not sure they can do anything anyway. I really just don't know what I 
am going to do.
The accident was so minor and I have bent forks before. The problem here 
and the reason it has been so catastrophic is because the Big Strong Nitto 
rack reinforced the fork removing tis failure mode of being able to bend, 
that force was translated into the headtube as the fork actually bent where 
the steerer is welded into the crown lug translating that force into the 
I can post pictures if anyone is interested. The frame is weirdly straight 
and I cannot find any distortion in the maintubes despite the obvious bend 
in the head tube. The headset cups are only out of alignment to the point 
that a sealed bearing headset can absorb the variance and seemingly work 
The bend has to have gone somewhere though and I'm not sure that if I got a 
new fork that I could feel safe riding the frame as is...
I really just needed to vent,
Thanks for listening, (reading I guess)
Brendon M.

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