I have a similar set up on an old Fat Chance, and it is 4 1/4" to the top 
of the straddle wire on the brakes. So it will not make it under your rack 
but might clear over the top of it.

On Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 5:43:17 PM UTC-4 Tony Lockhart wrote:

> Hey folks,
> By any chance, are you running v-brakes AND a front rack? If so, would you 
> mind taking some measurements?
> My Sam is setup with a Nitto M12 front rack and some cantilever brakes. 
> I'd like to swap over to v-brakes however I want to make sure there's 
> enough clearance.
> [image: IMG_1796.JPG]
> Looks like I've got a solid 3.75 inches from the center of the brake posts 
> to the bottom of the rack. I'm hoping v-brake wires will fit underneath (or 
> above) the rack post without interference. When looking at images online, 
> and on the Riv site, it looks like the wire pass right in front of the fork 
> crown hole.
> If you're got v-brakes, could you take a measurement and let me know? 
> Many thanks in advance, 
> Tony

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