This is the first I'm hearing of this problem, which I have seen neither 
here nor on iBOB (nor on any of the other Google Groups I check in to 
regularly: CR, 650B, Bicycle Lifestyle, a couple of non-bikey groups).

The issue may be specific to particular OSes/browsers/browser versions, so 
just saying "I have/don't have the problem" really doesn't narrow things 
down much. If you're trying to communally troubleshoot this, it would 
probably be useful for the expansion of collective knowingness to post:

1) Your viewing platform (computer/smartphone/tablet make/model/OS)

2) Browser or email client?

3) Browser/email client make/model/version (e.g., Firefox 115.2.1)

So to kick it off: 2015 MacBook Pro macOS 10.14.6/Safari 14.1.2

Peter "pretend that we can't see your screen - because we can't" Adler
Berkeley, CA

On Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 10:29:49 AM UTC-7 Johnny Alien wrote:

It seems to go back and forth. At some point I was able to see real user 
names here but now its back to the generic RBW

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