Wah! My HE (husband equivalent) has been helping me set it up (a far cry 
from putting my Cheviot together by myself 7 years ago). Anyway, the rear 
wheel is out of true. I talked to Will and I am taking it to a bike shop to 
have the appropriate spokes tightened to get it back true. My plan is to 
ride it stock (except the seat & seat post) for a couple of days before I 
start considering alterations and component swaps. First thing I noticed 
(while on it in my living room 😁) was that the saddle (my Rivet saddle on 
the Nitto set-back post) doesn't have to be as far back as on the Cheviot. 
However, the Tosco bars may be a bit too short, but again... stock for a 

I'll be back as soon as I actually get to ride it.....

On Monday, September 18, 2023 at 5:30:31 PM UTC-7 Kiley Demond wrote:

> I did it! I received the “BIS” (back in stock) email from Riv the weekend 
> before last and bought a Clem L 59cm in blue! (I wonder where it was hiding 
> in the warehouse or was it in a new container with Homers?)  I wanted an 
> older gen in orange but what did I know? Blue is my second favorite color. 
> Probably a better option because as a direct buyer of a new bike, the bike 
> is warrantied as long as I own it. And the price was great! It hasn’t gone 
> up in price so at $2050, a total bargain. And as a (female) American, I am 
> motivated by a “deal” 😁. 
> And of course, getting to ride! I have a bike that I have been “using” in 
> the interim. Quote marks because I didn’t use it more than a couple of 
> times all summer. I think it was subconsciously too daunting because it 
> didn’t feel safe & secure, which is a Riv cornerstone. (And, there are 
> already people who have added electric pedal-assist, which is a distinct 
> possibility for the future, and I will not have to re-invent the wheel 🤭.) 
> My energy soared as soon as I completed the purchase. I am beset with new 
> bike excitement!
> Update: Bike arrived in 5 days! Seat tube tang got bent a smidge by some 
> transport company (turned the box upside down because those big ↑ on the 
> box are not enough—fabricator beau fixed it in a minute; now I need to seal 
> the seat tube opening due to paint being scraped off to bare steel). 
> I have been busy the last couple of days with a friend's Celebration of 
> Life, but can now turn my attention to my retirement bicycle! Let the 
> pimping begin! Photos to follow when I get it a little further along. I 
> have straddled it in my living room a couple of times and bless the 'L''! 
> First ride tomorrow! I'm baaaack! 😊

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