Leah helped me with process of finding and then going through the process 
of custom painting my Platypus. If I was a super cool technology person I 
could direct your right to that conversation. There is also someone who 
custom painted an orange bike... 

On Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 10:19:51 AM UTC-7 Joe A. wrote:

> Leah and Sarah, I've passed your support to Mathilde to which she said 
> "See, they get it!" :)
> And also, I wouldn't say I crashed twice, more like I had to bail from the 
> bike because I lost balance. Nothing catastrophic (except for a bruise or 
> two from those damn bear trap pedals!)
> On Monday, September 18, 2023 at 7:11:15 PM UTC-7 RBW Owners Bunch wrote:
>> And I wanted a raspberry bike! So I also say make it happen for the 
>> yellow or orange bike!
>> I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, start to finish. I was as 
>> delighted as if it had been me who got the experience. How wonderful. But I 
>> would not have been brave enough to be doing single track out there with 
>> Riv People. You crashed twice? Nope, nope, nope. Put me back on the bike 
>> path please and thank you.
>> On Monday, September 18, 2023 at 8:22:30 PM UTC-4 sarahlik...@gmail.com 
>> wrote:
>>> As a lady who also wanted a yellow bike... and custom painted one.... 
>>> Make it happen! Say goodbye to barf green!
>>> On Monday, September 18, 2023 at 1:40:39 PM UTC-7 Joe A. wrote:
>>>> Hey All,
>>>> I wanted to share a special ride report from this past Saturday.
>>>> Originally, my wife and I planned to hop on BART from West Oakland and 
>>>> travel to Walnut Creek to visit the Riv HQ, followed by a quick ride 
>>>> around 
>>>> Shell Ridge. I've been to the showroom a handful of times to pick some 
>>>> odds 
>>>> and ends, but my wife has never been. 
>>>> She currently rides a Clem H in "Barf Green" as she calls it (ha!) that 
>>>> I sourced for her from a fellow bay area Riv rider. It's an amazing bike, 
>>>> but as she didn't pick it, it's never truly been *hers*. I was excited 
>>>> for her to try out a few bikes and finally find her one true steed.
>>>> We arrived to find Grant in the showroom, helping another person find 
>>>> their PBH size. Before long, my Wife and Grant were deep in conversation 
>>>> about what type of bike she was looking for, and she hopped on a Platypus, 
>>>> Homer (the new gold ones look amazing in person btw), Proto Charlie, 
>>>> amongst others. She immediately fell in love with the Homer and was 
>>>> zipping 
>>>> around the compound with a huge smile on her face. While she did that, I 
>>>> nerded out with James, checking out his Homer and Atlantis.
>>>> Intermittently, Grant, James, and Riv Friend Dan, gushed about the 
>>>> color of her frame, how unique the color was and how beautiful it was in 
>>>> the light (all things I also thought when I scored the bike for her). For 
>>>> context, my wife is obsessed with getting a yellow or orange bike, and 
>>>> nothing else will please her :) Grant conceded to her that yes, one should 
>>>> have a bike in a color that makes them love it, and so it in was in 
>>>> friendly jest that for the rest of our time together Grant kept talking up 
>>>> her "barf green" Clem. I thought it was hilarious.
>>>> After an hour or so, we said that we'd come back another day to hammer 
>>>> out the details on a build, and that we were off to Shell Ridge to ride 
>>>> some trails. I confessed that we'd never been out there before and James 
>>>> let me take a photo of a map they had on hand to get there. 
>>>> We set off, only to find both Grant (on his light blue Clem) and Dan 
>>>> (on his army green Gus) waiting near the start of the trailhead!
>>>> They graciously offered to show us around (though were careful to give 
>>>> us the option to get a few pointers and continue on with our date ride). 
>>>> Obviously, we were more that elated to have Grant and Dan lead us on our 
>>>> first ride in Riv's backyard. How cool is that??
>>>> So we were off! Grant and Dan tested our chops a bit through some light 
>>>> trails, and eventually we came up to a fork in the road. Grant and Dan 
>>>> gave 
>>>> each other a look and after a moment Grant said "well, you two look like 
>>>> you can handle yourselves, so let's try some singletrack, it'll be fun!"
>>>> Full disclosure: my Wife and I are pretty avid cyclists, though we 
>>>> spend most of our time on easier fire trails and pavement in the urban 
>>>> jungle of Oakland. So... our experience on singletrack and trails in 
>>>> general isn't the greatest. But when Grant says ride, you most certainly 
>>>> follow. I also felt comfortable knowing we had them around. I must also 
>>>> admit that I've never really taken my Clem L on this kind of terrain, so 
>>>> there was a lot of learning to do.
>>>> What followed was an amazing jaunt around Shell Ridge. I fell at least 
>>>> twice, but there was no shame to be had. Dan shared that on his first ride 
>>>> with Grant in Shell Ridge, he fell off his bike and slid 50ft down the 
>>>> side 
>>>> of a hill which scored some laughs all around.
>>>> As we went along, both Dan and Grant gave me some tips on how to ride 
>>>> the terrain and by the second half I was having the time of my life. The 
>>>> biggest thing I learned was to trust the long-wheel base, and pedal, 
>>>> pedal, 
>>>> pedal. It took a bit of courage to do, but once I got the hang of it I was 
>>>> amazed at how, yes, you really can pedal through those moments of doubt 
>>>> and 
>>>> come away smiling. I'll never forget it. I was also in awe of how 
>>>> skillfully both Grant and Dan rode the terrain, they're incredibly 
>>>> skillful 
>>>> but are never in your face about it.
>>>> Along the way, we had great conversations about not just bikes, but 
>>>> life. I asked Grant if he was going to celebrate Riv's 30th anniversary 
>>>> next year to which he yelled *"NO!"* (though I suspect people will 
>>>> celebrate him and the team anyway) and in turn, he asked us about our 
>>>> lives, our interests, our hobbies, etc. It was great to hear about his 
>>>> philosophy on life, on bikes and everything in between. We joked about the 
>>>> French (my wife is French) and Grant's struggles to pronounce French 
>>>> words. 
>>>> I even snapped a few photos on my Kodak Ektar H35.
>>>> Grant was also a great ride leader, explaining how to approach certain 
>>>> sections in a non-condescending manner. The riding was technical, but I 
>>>> never felt overwhelmed, and both my wife and I really began to understand 
>>>> how Grant's design philosophies translates to real world applications. Oh 
>>>> they definitely translate :)
>>>> After about 2 hours on the trails we made our way back to HQ where 
>>>> Grant graciously gave us some coconut water to rehydrate. We were gassed, 
>>>> so we hung back and talked more about Taiwan and the bike manufacturing 
>>>> scene there, and shared the story of how my wife and I met in Taipei over 
>>>> a 
>>>> decade ago. 
>>>> Before leaving, the Riv team also gave us some goodies (patches, 
>>>> stickers and shirts!) and we said our goodbyes, promising to come back 
>>>> soon 
>>>> to not only get my wife a Homer, (though she's since reconsidered getting 
>>>> a 
>>>> Roadini to complement her Clem, that she now has a newfound appreciation 
>>>> for, obviously) but also hang out. 
>>>> I can't stress enough how thankful we are to have had the opportunity 
>>>> to ride with Grant and Dan. I've always had a sense of the Rivendell vibe, 
>>>> but that day really solidified it my mind as the best bike company in the 
>>>> world. Grant, if you ever read this, you are the man!
>>>> I wish I had taken more digital photos of us, but will have to wait to 
>>>> develop the film. We did snap a photo of our "fearsome foursome" before 
>>>> leaving though (my wife Mathilde is between Dan and Grant, and I'm on the 
>>>> right):
>>>> [image: IMG_3473.jpg]
>>>> I'll also share some photos of our rigs when I get a chance! Oh and a 
>>>> few weeks back I made a post to the group about offloading my Clem for a 
>>>> Gus. Yeah, that ain't happening anymore :)
>>>> Anyway, I hope y'all enjoyed reading (I know I can be a bit long-winded 
>>>> with my writing) and would love to hear about similar experiences folks 
>>>> have had riding with the Riv team. 
>>>> Allez!
>>>> -Joe

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