I am frankly amazed at the workout Pam is giving her bike, to wear out 
multiple shifter pawls! I can imagine a few ways to do a repair, none of 
which are "worth it", in terms of resource and money cost (3D printing, 
filing down a bit of aluminum bar, CNC milling). The most expedient fix, 
IMO, would be to epoxy the ratchet gear to the shifter body so that the 
both directions work in friction mode.

On Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 8:02:06 PM UTC-7 eric...@gmail.com wrote:

> Hi all — I'm looking for some neglected, cast off or broken Silver 1 
> shifters to scavenge so that I can repair some broken Silver 1 shifters 
> sent to me by forum member Pam Murray. If you have some you aren't using or 
> that you think are broken which you are willing to send me for the cost of 
> shipping please let me know. I will use them to repair Pam's shifters and 
> get them back to her! 
> I recently read enjoyed Pam's thread on broken Silver shifters 
> <https://groups.google.com/g/rbw-owners-bunch/c/HIqS567cjio/m/XvTLS759AQAJ>. 
> And right on time one of my Silvers broke. So I took mine apart to have a 
> look. It turns out the spring was clogged with corrosion and wouldn't 
> compress, allowing for the pawl to hold the ratchet wheel and hold tension 
> on the shifter cable. Luckily the spring and pawl only needed to be cleaned 
> and reassembled. 
> Pam sent me three broken Silver shifters. As many of us know, Pam has put 
> tens of thousands of miles on her legendary Betty Foy. She's worn out many 
> parts and she's interested in getting them back into service when possible. 
> I took a look and was able to fix one of the shifters. The other two 
> require new pawls, which I can't locate. 
> [image: Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 10.59.05 PM.png]
> I reached out to Dia Compe in Taiwan about spare parts. They replied 
> quickly but said they could not send me any bits and pieces and suggested I 
> contact Rivendell. 
> So I wrote to Will Keating at Rivendell, who's a wonderfully helpful and 
> nice guy and a friend and he said he'd send me some parts. Well, they 
> arrived today and they're *brand new* Silver 2 levers. I really don't 
> want to destroy brand new shifters to revive old shifters! I'm sure the 
> pawls I need are inside but I can't bring myself to tear them apart. 
> They've very definitely never been installed on a bike. 
> I have found some replacement springs from McMaster-Carr 
> <https://www.mcmaster.com/9657K257/>. They're heavier gauge wire and 
> slightly longer than the stock springs from Dia Compe. But they fit and 
> they work. They do result in a lever with heavier action but they do not 
> make the lever difficult to operate. 
> My plan, once I locate some pawls, is to make a Silver shifter repair and 
> maintenance video. I hope that with donated parts from other members I can 
> fix Pam's shifters, show the process of disassembly, repair and re-assembly 
> and share it with the group (and the rest of the web). I'll include a 
> detailed look of the proper order for all the bits and how the get the 
> shifter closed back up. 
> Thanks in advance! 

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