Monarch pedals are sold.

On Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 3:11:41 PM UTC-4 Johnny Alien wrote:

> Here are some parts I have for sale that I had ready for my Roadini. I can 
> work out deals for anyone wanting the frame too. No photos because its 
> rainy and dark but everything is as new with no miles or anything. I am 
> only selling one seatpost so whichever one goes first. All prices include 
> shipping.
>    - Blue Lug FW30 Stem - Dull Silver - 80mm extension. *$75*
>    - Monarch pedals - Titan (which is what Rivendell calls Champagne) 
>    *$50*
>    - Thomson Masterpiece seatpost - Silver, straight, 26.8 X 240mm *$80*
>    - Nitto S65 - 26.8 X 250mm *$80*
>    - Wavie handlebars - Not new but in good shape. I need to find a box. 
>    *$85*

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