Hey Minh,

Well, lucky you! Japan is a real treat in so many ways, and it is a very 
lovely country in which to cycle. Where will you be going and how long will 
you be in Japan? Will you have your bicycle with you?

If you can get to Kyoto then I'd suggest a late-night cycle tour through 
the Gion district. In addition, an early morning cycle tour of the 'Five 
Mountains'- the five main Buddhist temples of Kyoto- was something I very 
much enjoyed doing.

If you get to Kyushu, and find yourself in Kagoshima, there's a really 
great ride around Sakurajima- a very active volcano a short ferry away.

There's a million things around Tokyo (not helpful, I know), but you'll be 
there at a very beautiful time of year weatherwise. Hakone is a cool 
day-trip where you can hike, enjoy a beautiful outdoor sculpture museum and 
indoor Picasso exhibit, and dine at the Gora Brewery- a Nobu restaurant.

As you may have read in Will K's musings on Tokyo, it is a wonderful city 
in which to ride a bicycle.

Enjoy! John

On Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 2:23:35 PM UTC-7 Minh wrote:

> Reading Grant's recent blog post about visiting Nitto reminded me that i'm 
> heading to Japan next week!   
> Any last minute tips anyone would like to suggest, i already have a visit 
> to Blue Lug--need to pick up a few things that would be too expensive with 
> shipping!  
> I was hoping to make it to Circles in Nagoya, but didn't work out with our 
> schedule.  Happy to take any and all suggestions!

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