Dear all,

during a large simulation study on around 300 cores, I have just noticed
"strange" behavior of my package depending on Rcpp. "Strange" in the sense
that on very rare occasions (around 1 in 100000 function calls
through .Call), a NumericMatrix object created at C level and returned back
to R as part of a list isn't available there, causing a "memory not mapped"
segfault when trying to access it from R. The issue is not deterministically
reproducible and, as mentioned, very rare. This makes narrowing down the bug
a pain. I do know however that this problem does not appear in Rcpp 0.10.5
but does appear in Rcpp 0.11.0. Maybe there is anyone out there who has
experienced something similar or otherwise has a hunch where I should dig

Thanks a ton in advance,
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