RDA does not address this, but there is an LC-PCC Policy statement that 
catalogers may follow if they like and should if they're creating PCC records:

LC-PCC PS for 
Punctuation in Notes
LC practice/PCC practice:
Square brackets. Do not use square brackets in notes except when they are used 
in quoted data.

500<http://desktop.loc.gov/saved/Mabibl_500> ##

$a"Types of prayer wheels found in south central Tibet, by Mei Lin": pages 

Not "... pages [310]-[375]."
500<http://desktop.loc.gov/saved/Mabibl_500> ##

$a"2090245PMA"--Page 4 of cover.

Not "... -Page [4] of cover."

This seems fine to me and I've been following it in my RDA cataloging:

Includes bibliographic references (pages 67-69).
Includes bibliographic references (pages [67]-69).

In my opinion it isn't crucial in this context that the reader of the record 
know that the number "67" doesn't appear on page 67. What is crucial is that 
the reader know that there's a bibliography and that it's three pages long.


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Subject: [RDA-L] Brackets for unnumbered pages in notes?

RDA geniuses:

I know that under RDA we no longer use brackets to indicate a range of 
unnumbered pages or leaves in the physical description.  What about in notes? 
RDA 1.10.4 says, "Refer to passages in the resource, or in other sources, if 
these either support assertions made in the description" but nothing about what 
to do if you're referring to an unnumbered page.  Doing an "RDA quick search" 
for unnumbered pages brings up plenty of instructions but none (that I saw) 
regarding notes.


Includes bibliographic resources (pages [67]-69).


Includes bibliographic resources (unnumbered page 67-page 69).



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