Heidrun said:

>Summing up this rambling mail, I think it odd that, in a part/whole 
>relationship, some of the titles on the same source of information are 
>treated as titles of manifestation and some are treated as titles of works.

In our English/French bilingual situation, we record the titles in the
language of of the manifestation in contents (505) and added entries
(700$a$t or 740).  For individual titles in a compilation, normally
there is no reference to the other language.  

I suspect the UK MARC 248 for constituent title would have been a neat
solution, had it been adopted by MARC21.  It is just too complicated to
deal with constituent part translation original language in MARC21 as
now constituted.

For a manifestation of a single work in both languages, our clients

246 1 $iAlso published in French under title:$a[French title]


246 1 $iPubli{acute}e aussi en anglais sous le titre:$a[English title]

(There is no way of knowing which is the translation of the other in
the case of simultaneous publication.)

In the case of a translation, one may use 775.

How different will this be in Bibframe, where the translation becomes
a related work rather than a different expression of the same work?

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