Pete Wilson posted:

>This ... is conference proceedings, and has two statements of
>responsibility, one for a compiler (i.e. editor of compilation)
>and one for 20 authors, which has been=  shortened in the 245 $c to
>one name "and 19 others."

We don't catalogue on OCLC.  You would have to cut. paste, and post
for me to see it.

Without seeing it, the main entry should be 111 for the conference,
not the editor or author of first paper.  Only the editor statement
should be in 245/$c, with a 700.

The authors of the papers are not joint authors.  If you are going to
include them, they should be in 505 following the titles of the
papers, not in 245/$c.  I see no real value in an added entry for just
one of them.

We are in the habit of doing full contents for conferences.  In the
early days many speakers were members of firms for which we
catalogued.  We are now paid by Lexus Nexus to key all paper titles
and authors for the online index they host of Canadian law symposia
proceedings, replacing a KWIC print index we used to publish.  

(Could anyone use big grey 3 ring binders, left from that project?  
Free for shipping.  They do say "Canadian Law Symposia Index" on

Considering authors of portions of a compilation as joint authors will
be, I suspect, a frequent RDA mistake, due to RDA's fuzzy language.

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