If anyone is interested, Appendixes E, F and G of the documentation for the 
cataloger's toolkit describe many of the RDA-related changes we are making in 
our database.  At present we are changing one record at a time (as we do other 
work on the record), but I expect to have a batch program early in the new 
year; certainly, we intend to use such a batch program to finish the conversion 
of our database before the migration to Alma.  This batch program will probably 
be similar to the earlier program that made RDA-related changes to access 
fields: for anyone, it will read and write files of MARC records; for Voyager 
users, it will also be able to update the database directly.

You can start here:


I will emphasize that the generation of 33X fields becomes a knotty problem if 
a record combines expressions in different forms (such as print and online).  
We plan to untangle as many of our lumped-together records as we can before we 
RDA-ize our database with a batch program.

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You can also customize is "a little" for no additional charge. For example, we 
chose not to have MARCIVE convert the 250 which is a descriptive field. For the 
record, I'm not too happy with some of their choices for the 336-338 fields, 
but we send so little that isn't RDA converted already that I just accept what 
they send.

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