Since "habilitation" is not an Anglo-American institution, I would be surprised 
indeed if RDA discusses it. (Just to confirm--searching the Toolkit for 
"habilitation" or any of its variants returns no hits.) So I think this is an 
area where the (Continental) European cataloging community will have to figure 
out what it wants to do and make a proposal to the JSC (if it is necessary).

It looks like typically it's just recorded in a 500 note that is formatted 
somewhat similar to your standard 502... zB: 

Ethnizität, Islam, Reformasi : die Evolution der Konfliktlinien im 
Parteiensystem Malaysias / Andreas Ufen.
500 $a The author's Habilitationsschrift--Universität Hamburg, 2010.

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On a related note:

The other day, we were wondering how habilitation theses should be treated 
under RDA. These are quite common in Germany. In case you're not familiar with 
this European concept:

Some universities grant the academic degree of "Dr. habil." to somebody who has 
successfully completed his or her habilitation. But in many cases, there is no 
special academic degree connected with the habilitation. From then on, the 
successful candidate can call him- or herself a "Privatdozent" (private 
lecturer, PD), while they are waiting for a professorship, but this is no 
academic degree.

According to the German cataloging rules, we only record "Habilitationsschrift" 
(habilitation thesis), but no specific degree - just as for doctoral theses, we 
only record "Dissertation" (without distinguishing between e.g. "Dr. phil." and 
"Dr. med."). Under RDA, do we now need to find out whether it's a case of "Dr. 
habil." or not? And what about the cases where no special academic degree is 


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