If the combination of author + title is identical to another work then a 240 would be needed to differentiate this work from others. Typically only a year is used, not year month date. You only break the conflict when there already is one, not when you expect/suspect there will be one. I'm wonder why you don't just catalog it as a serial though, in which case there won't be a conflict. Also, you don't know for sure that Trimble will be the creator of each of the quarterly reports.

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I'm trying to explain the use of a 240 uniform title in a bibliographic record clearly to my staff. I have a tenuous grasp on uniform titles and welcome any direction to specific training in depth about the choices of MARC tags in different situations.

I understand that the title in question "Nuclear weapons : ‡b factors leading to cost increases with the uranium processing facility" (OCLC863158972 for those with access) is the first of a predicted quarterly report. Is it disingenuous to ask whether it was appropriate to create this 240 in the record for the first of the series when RDA LC-PCC PS for says under General: "Do not predict a conflict".

My understanding is that one waited until the 2nd report (the conflict) appeared in order to make the uniform title in this situation. Or alternatively; create a serial record.

Can someone clarify?
Many thanks.

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