Bernhard Eversberg wrote:

> The LC used to make AACR Rule Interpretations
> freely available but recenty changed the title and the mode
> of issuing: "Current Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative
> Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PSs) are freely available as part
> of the RDA Toolkit". Great, but of little help for those with no
> access to the rules.

As has been stated repeatedly in this and other fora, nothing essentially has 
changed in regard to finding LC policy on the current cataloging rules.  They 
are still *freely* available.  They are accessible through the RDA Toolkit, but 
a subscription is *not* required to view the PS.

So, yes they are a part of the Toolkit.  But no, you don't have to pay anything 
to get them.

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