Many thanks to yourself and your grandson!

My interpretation is that the power of actually granting the degree resides with the university only. But obviously the faculty must tell the representative of the university (the chancellor) who is to be decorated in this way. I think this is quite similar to what I found on my own degree certificate (with the set form: "The Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, represented by the Dean of the [faculty X], ... , hereby grants the degree of [type of degree] ...").

So we still do not have an example where a faculty truly grants a degree in its own right, and I now doubt whether such an example exists at all.

The more I think about it, the more I believe that the phrase "granting institution or faculty" in 7.9.3 is simply a left-over from the former wording (still present in "the institution or faculty to which the thesis was presented". In the "institution or faculty" makes sense, whereas in 7.9.3 it doesn't.


Grandson Joe, who is a law student at the University of British
Columbia, writes in part:

"Law and medical degrees say 'The Chancellor of the University of
British Columbia with the approval of the Senate upon the
recommendation of [specific faculty] has conferred the degree of
[specific degree] on [name]'."

So perhaps that RDA instruction should be "degree granting institution
and/or faculty", as opposed to just "or".

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