I'm cataloging a serial title "Exceptional release" currently published by the 
Logistics Officer Association.  We have print holdings for 2009-2012, when it 
went to web-only (I believe, I'm still confirming that).  I am working on the 
print title record at the moment.  

I didn't think this was a fairly typical name but lo,  I find in OCLC a serial 
of the same title (but different focus/topic) published at our Gunter Annex 
(across town) back in the 1940s.  We cannot find any holdings locally despite 
our symbol on the OCLC record.  There is a feeling that someone might have 
looked at the title & ignored the publication information when adding the 
holdings, but that is another story.

Thus I am needing an addition to the 130 authorized access point for my title.  
 The title in hand has been published by the Logistics Officer Association in 
Arlington, VA since 1999 and would be how our patrons would look for it.

Prior to that, it was published by the Maintenance Officer Association of 
Springfield, VA between 1983-1999 as best I can determine through their online 

When constructing the 130, do I need to use the first agency or location or may 
I use the current one?

I'm contemplating the following variations:
Exceptional release (Logistics Officer Association)  
Exceptional release (Arlington, VA)  
Exceptional release (Maintenance Officer Association) 
Exceptional release (Springfield, Va)

Unfortunately right now our office copy of "RDA and serials cataloging" is on 
the loose.  

I'd appreciate any pointers on this 130.

Patricia Fogler
Chief, Cataloging Section  (AUL/LTSC)
Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center 
DSN 493-2135   Comm (334) 953-2135  


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