Dear colleagues,

The Bodleian Libraries and Oxford Library Information System are pleased to be 
able to make their inhouse RDA documentation publicly available at  It includes brief transfer 
training materials for experienced cataloguers and comprehensive materials for 
training from scratch and for reference, all available under a Creative Commons 
Attribution 3.0 license.

Because we have a very large number of cataloguers scattered over many 
libraries, some of whom do only small amounts of cataloguing, our documentation 
is designed to be fairly free-standing.  We have to keep contact sessions to 
the minimum, and we do not expect all cataloguers to gain a detailed knowledge 
of FRBR or of the RDA Toolkit.

We benefited greatly from seeing other agencies' materials when we were 
planning our RDA implementation, and we hope that our materials may be of some 
use or interest to agencies who are currently planning their own 
implementation.  Comments and corrections are very welcome 

Best wishes,
Bernadette O'Reilly
Catalogue Support Librarian
Bodleian Libraries,
Osney One Building
Osney Mead
Oxford OX2 0EW.<>
01865 2-77134

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