I am uncertain about the relationship of (Recording the Preferred Title for a Compilation of Works of One Person, Family, or Corporate Body) and (Additions to Access Points Representing Works) - both in theory and in practice.

If I've got two different collections of works of the same creator, e.g.:
"Selected poems / X"
"Best of X's poetry"
Both get the collective title "Poems. Selections" according to

But for the AAP, am I now supposed to add some additional attribute according to, e.g.:
X. Poems. Selections (1995)
X. Poems. Selections (2010)

In short, my question is whether RDA considers the two different poetry collections as two different works (which must then be distinguished in the AAP) or as the same work (then, of course, no additional attribute would be necessary in the AAP).

I'm also interested in the general practice. I know that LC used to add dates (at least in the case of complete works and selected works), but that this practice has now been abandoned. So I assume that LC now never distinguishes between different collections of the same type. What do others do?


Prof. Heidrun Wiesenmueller M.A.
Stuttgart Media University
Wolframstr. 32, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany

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