Heidrun posted:

>I am uncertain about the relationship of (Recording the 
>Preferred Title for a Compilation of Works of One Person, Family, or 
>Corporate Body) and (Additions to Access Points Representing 
>Works) - both in theory and in practice.

Can't comment on the theory, but in practice, our small library
clients do not wish uniform titles apart from the Bible, Shakespeare
and classical music.  Most of the same title in two languages
(English/French) are simultaneous publications, so using either as a
240 for the other would be politically difficult.  As stated earlier,
we use:

246 1 $iAlso published in French under title:$a[French title].

In French version record,

246 1 $iPubli{acute}e aussi en anglais sous le titre:$a[English title]

We follow the RDA option to always assign a collective title when
lacking, never string part titles in 245.  Part titles (with authors
if different) are in 505 and 7XX.  We should avoid assigning the same
collective title to two collections by the same author I suppose.
We don't bother with the work/expression distinction, since it does
not exist in either MARC or Bibframe, so don't see it affecting us
during my lifetime.

In the past we have not been concerned if a 245 after 1XX is not
distinctive.  Of course there are often manifestations of the same work
with the same 100/245,  I've never seen a discussion of the same
100/245 for different works, e.g., Joe, Blow.  Selected poems,  As
with those 130 "(Motion picture)" video uniform titles, there are
other differences in the record as a whole.  This distinction is not
something easily done to legacy records, so I see no point in
beginning now.

Don't suppose this help, apart from pointing out that some
distinctions we make are irrelevant to most patrons.

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